Big Rock Homes, Ltd. – About Us

Big Rock Homes, Ltd. was established by Toshi Oiwa in Abbotsford, B.C., Canada, in 1997. We offer full-service residential and commercial log and timber structure design, as well as interior design services.

Big Rock specializes in custom-crafted vintage/antique designs that establish an old-world feel and create one-of-a-kind living environments. We take pride in providing outstanding, personalized customer service, and look forward to meeting you and finding out about your next project.

Our Partners

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Toshi Oiwa – Profile

Born and raised in Japan, Toshi has worked in building and construction since 1986. He emigrated to Canada in 1989, and has since been immersed in the log and timber home and structure industry. Mr. Oiwa has a profound passion for medieval and colonial architectural design, and has made it his life’s work to foster a revival of the design legacy left by the great craftspeople of the past, while including adding his own unique touch and style.